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Our Serving Brands areHach - USA, Spectrum Technique - USA, Reed Instruments - USA, Benchmark Scientific - USA, Labomed Inc. - USA, Cole Parmer - USA, Labnet – USA, Memmert - Germany, 3B Scientific - Germany, Binder - Germany, Kruss - Germany,  Shimadzu Corporation - Japan, Biolab Scientific - Canada, Labtron - UK, Thermo Lab - UK, SDC – UK, Mattler Toledo – Swaziland, Human Lab – Korea, Jeio Tech – Korea, Hahn Shin – Korea, Velp Scientific – Italy, Controls Group - Italy, ALS – Italy, Radwag Electronics - Poland, Hanna Instruments - Rumania, Euromex -Holland, DG System - Taiwan,  Wincom – China, Merck GR – Germany, BDH – UK, Sigma –Germany, Scharlau –Spain, BIOBASE – ChinaBDSL Irvine Ltd – UK, BDH PROLOBO – UKMtops– KoreaFisher Scientific – UKGilson Company Inc.- USA, Glassco – UK, James Heal – USA, Lovibond– GermanyOPTIMA- Japan, JEIO TECH– Korea, IMPACT– UK, HAHNVAPOR- China, DURAN GermanySIGMA ALDRICH- Germany, LOBA ChemieIndiaPYREX-UK, Whatman-England, KERN-Germany, T-Scale, MEGA DIGITAL SCALE, PERSIL, P&G- USA, ZEAL- England, Mitutoyo-Japan, A&D-Japan, PENRAIR, Tawanka-Japan, Ependrop, Anumbra, Hi-Media-India, OXOID-India, Terriss Con. Inc.- USA, Fluka, Presto-India, Rocker-Germany, Atago-Japan, Qualicams-India, Fishers-UK, Sartorius-Germany, Finar- India, SRL- India, Barguin, Biosol, Fisher, Labscan, Nice, RDH, Adovas-India, Polylab-India, Anatomical models, Community medicine models, Forensic models, Nursing models, Anatomical chart, Community medicine chart, Nabertherm, Panton, David Ball, US Silica, Maxon’s- India, Vitsol-England, Shakewell-India, ELE-Germany, Eltak-Germany, Lab net-China, Adwa, OXFORD, Elite thermal system - UK, Ray tek, Seward, water net -Taiwan, Distek, Heidolph- Germany, Jeol-USA, Kanto Chemical, Labconco, Labstrong, Smart sensor-ChinaLeica-Germany, Linkam, Konica-Japan, HBG-GermanyAlliance Global Healthcare Group and many others company over the world. Our Main products are- Autoclave / Sterilizer: Dental Autoclave, Laboratory Horizontal Autoclave, Laboratory Vertical Autoclave, Medical Autoclave, Pre and Post Vacuum Class B Autoclave. Bath and Circulator: Oil Bath Circulator, Water Bath, Shaking Water Bath, High Temperature Circulator, Dry Bath Incubator, Mini Dry Bath Incubator, Low Temperature Circulator, Dual Temperature Dry Bath Incubator. Biological Safety Cabinet: Class I Biosafety Cabinet, Class II Biosafety Cabinet, Class III Biosafety Cabinet. CO2 Incubator: CO2 Incubator Air Jacketed, CO2 Incubator Water Jacketed. Centrifuge: Laboratory High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge, Laboratory High Speed Centrifuge, Laboratory Low Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge, Laboratory Low Speed Centrifuge, Mini Centrifuge, Micro Centrifuge, Blood Bank Refrigerated Centrifuge. Chamber: Climatic Chamber, Environmental Chamber, Plant Growth Chamber, Stability Test Chamber. Freeze Dryer: Bench Top Freeze Dryer, Floor Type Freeze Dryer. Ice Maker: Bullet Ice Maker, Cube Ice Maker, Flake Ice Maker, Portable Ice Maker. Fume Hood: Standard Fume Hood. Laboratory Shaker: Orbital Shaker, Reciprocal Shaker, Thermo Shaker, Benchtop Shaking Incubator, Cooled Shaking Incubator, Floor Type Shaking Incubator. Oven / Incubator: Drying Oven, Forced Convection Oven, General Purpose Oven, High Performance Oven, Natural Convection Oven, Vacuum Oven, Air Jacketed Incubator, Biological Indicator Incubator, BOD Incubator, Cooled Incubator, Dual Purpose Incubator, Fungal Growth Incubator, General Purpose Incubator. Spectrophotometer: Fluorescence Spectrophotometer, Double Beam UV Visible Spectrophotometer, Scanning UV Visible Spectrophotometer, Single Beam UV Visible Spectrophotometer, Split Beam UV Visible Spectrophotometer, Nano Spectrophotometer. Stirrer: Magnetic Stirrer, Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer, Multistation Stirrer. Ultra Low Temperature Freezer: -105°C ULT Freezer, -135°C ULT Freezer, -152°C Cryogenic Freezer, -164°C Cryogenic Freezer, -25°C Freezer, -40°C Freezer, -86°C ULT Freezer, Double Door Freezer, Solar Freezer. Roller and Rotator: Tube Roller / Rotator. Laminar Air Flow: Desktop Laminar Air Flow, Horizontal Laminar Air Flow, Vertical Laminar Air Flow. Mixer: Vortex Mixer. Refrigerator: Laboratory Refrigerator, Blood Bank Refrigerator, Ice Lined Refrigerator. Water Purification System: Laboratory Water Purification System, Basic Water Purification System, Medium Water Purification System, Large Capacity Water Purification System, Pure Water Supply System. TEXTILE DIVISION: Formaldehyde testing package, pH testing package, Room conditioning unit. LIFECARE DIVISION: MRI, CT scan, Ultrasonography machine. LIFE SCIENCE DIVISION: Gel documentation system, PCR, Real time PCR, Electrophoresis. AGRICULTURE DIVISION: Flame Photometer, Refractometer, Light meter, Culture incubator, Growth chamber, Leaf area meter. RESEARCH/EDUCATION DIVISION: XRD/XRF, Particle Size Analyzer, Drop Shape Analyzer, Specific Surface Area Analyzer, GC, HPLC, ICP, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer. ENVIRONMENT/ WATER ANALYSIS: BOD Incubator with BOD Track, COD Reactor, Spectrophotometer, DO meter, pH, Conductivity, TDS, TSS, Salinity meter, Multi-parameter meter. Engineering Division: Valve Islands, Sub-Base Valves, In-Line & Manifold Valves, Safety Valves, Manual/Mechanical Valves, Proportional Valves, Process Industry/NAMUR Valves, Flow Control Valves, Non Return Valves, Other Valves, Classic Valve Products, Gauge, GF Piping Systems, GF Casting Solutions, GF Machining Solutions, Plunger Type Metering Pump, Hydraulic Diaphragm Pump, Multiplex Process Pump, Dosing Systems. Autoclave, Anemometer, Kjeldahl Distillation Digestion Units, GC-MS, LC-MS, AAS, Atomic Absorbent Spectrophotometer, Auto Bomb Calorimeter, Flame Photometer, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, ST – 360 GM Counter, Ultra pure distillation unit, Conductivity Meter (Portable, Bench top), BOD testing apparatus full set including BOD incubator, Water Quality Test Kit with Dual Incubator, Fume hood, Laboratory Refrigerator, Digital Balance (Analytical, Precision), Manifold  Membrane Filtration Unit with vacuum pump, pH meter-Bench top, Multi-parameter (Conductivity/TDS/Salinity/DO meter –Portable),Turbidity meter-Bench top, Bench top ISE meter, Hot water bath with thermostatic, COD reactor block, Digital Autoclave, Digital Natural Convection Oven, All Kind of Microscope, X-Ray Machine, Dental Unit, Orbital Shaker, Ultrasonic pipette washer, Ultrasonic bath, Laboratory Oven, Digital Muffle Furnace, Portable digital colorimeter, Turbidity meter, Magnetic stirrer with hot plate, Vortex mixture, Humidity Chamber, Moisture Analyzer,  Micropipette, Analog & Digital Trainer Board, Rotary Evaporator, Digital Water Bath, Soil testing Kit, Hach Kit, AHAB System, Digital Multimeter, Digital Oscilloscope, Audio Generator, Colony Counter, Heating Mantle, Automatic Leaf Area Meter, PCR Machine, Microwave Oven, PABX System, Vicat Apparatus, Weight and Weining Device, Glass Graduates, Variable Resistance Box, Variable Resistance Box, Top Loading Balance, Digital Refarctometer, Generator, Air Conditioner, Cell Counter, BOD, COD Incubator, Refrigerator Centrifuge, Surgical Instruments, Engineering & Civil Equipments, Laboratory Reagent & Chemicals, Laboratory Glassware, Salt Refractometer, Centrifuge, Consumer Product, Plastic ware, Meter, Conductivity Meter Pipette, Color Meter, colony counter, Data Logger, Cooling Bath Circulating, Freezer, Desiccator Cabinet, Dissolve Oxygen Meter (DO), Dehumidifier, Model, Chart, Electronic Balance (Analog & Digital), Evaporator, Environmental Equipment, Low temp refrigerator, Fermentor, Fermentation, Fume Hood, Laminar Flow, Grinding , Milling, GAS Detector, Gloss Meter, Gas Chromatography, Growth Chamber, HPLC, Hotplate, Heating Mantle, Heating Block, Incubator, Jar Test, LUX METER, Leak Tester, Packing Seal Test, Muffle Furnace, Moisture Meter, Microscope CCD Oven Force Oven, Natural Oven, Vacuum Oven, Physic experiment, Particle Counter, Polarimeter, Pharmaceuticals, pH Meter, Spectrophotometer, UV-VIS spectrophotometer, Measurement Meter Salt meter ,TDS  Sensors, Lab Instruments, Sound Level Meter , Stirring, Mixing, Shaking, Hot Plate, Soil Testing, Testing Instruments, NDT, Temp Humid Chamber, Thermometer, Temperature Meter, Tachometer, Thickness meter, Coating Meter, Turbidity meter, Thermo -Hygro Meter, Testing Material Instrument, Testing Machine Instruments, Ultrasonic Bath Cleaner, Vacuum pump/Pressure Pump, Viscometer, Video Borescope, Water Bath, Oil bath, Water Distill, WATER DEIONIZER, Weather Station, Our main activities are technological products supply in the fields of Schools, Colleges, Universities, Medical Collages, MATS & Nursing, Pharmaceuticals, Scientific Research & Analysis, Textile, Knitting & Dyeing, Food and Beverage, Cosmetics, Cement , Fertilizer, ETP Plant, Agriculture, Analytical Chemicals, Laboratory Glassware & Plastic ware, Anatomical Models or any others science industries and research laboratories in Bangladesh. Elite Trade Bd provides Quality Products and Good Services. We value our customers, their time and their requests. We facilitate our customers with online service request. As per the customer’s feedback, we analyze data on the basis. This step make possible to serve our clients in a better way. Our sales-service team are well experienced with certified trained from overseas and locally by our foreign experts which we ensure you installation, operational training, technical support, warranty maintenance, repair and long terms after sales services for our supplied equipment. We believe in selling solutions to the whole country. Our products are manufactured by some of world’s largest manufacturers from USA, England, Italy, Germany, China, Romania, Poland, Dubai, Pakistan, India, etc, who are certified by the ISO: 9001: 2008, which includes integrity to our company. If you have any questions regarding our products, quotation or sales-service please contact with us.......+8801711196910
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