Automatic amylose tester, ST510


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Product details

ST510 Automatic amylose tester is based on the original rice quality rapid detection unit and retains its advantages and properties. The design and development of the idea of specialized, miniaturized and universal interface for the analysis instrument is carried out. Fast detecting instrument with computer Technology and Spectrophotometry Technology in one body. It can be used to detect the amylose quality of rice, corn, wheat, etc.

Technical parameter:

  1. Testing object: rice, corn, wheat, all kinds of crops
  2. Testing parameters: the content of the amylose
  3. Detection range: 0~50%
  4. Detection accuracy: ± 1%
  5. Screen display:4-inch touch screen
  6. Power: 220±1V
  7. Temperature: 20 °C ~ 30 °C
  8. outline dimension:250 *175 * 100mm