Automatic eggshell hardness tester, ST120H


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Product details

ST120H The fully automatic eggshell strength tester is a new type of high precision intelligent test instrument, which adopts modern mechanical design concept and microcomputer processing technology to design meticulously and reasonably. It adopts advanced components, supporting parts, single chip microcomputer, and so on. Reasonable structure and multi-function design, configuration of LCD Chinese display, with the standard contained in the various parameters testing, conversion, adjustment, display, memory, printing and other functions.

Principle: the egg is fixed vertically between the upper and lower measuring surface, the measuring surface moves relatively at a certain speed, and the egg is crushed. The force required for the breaking process is measured by sensors and recorded and displayed.

Product features

1,Mechatronics modern design concept, compact structure, nice appearance, easy maintenance.

2,Adopting high precison weighing sensor fixed on upper platen, to ensure colleting data rapidly and accurately.

3,Adopting high-speed ARM processor, to ensure the high degree of automation and intelligentize, very easy to operate. It have power data processing function, can get all the statistical results.

4,Display the pressure force and deflection in time on the LCD display.

5,Finishing test, the measuring head can revert automatically.

6,Equipped with micro-printer, convenient to get the result.

Product parameter

Item Parameter
Power AC220V±10% 2A 50Hz;
Error ±1%
Varation of indication < 1%
Resolution 0.1N
Measuring range (0~200)N或(0~20)kg
Working stroke (1~70)mm
Circle pressure plate diameter 60mm
Interface LCD display
Printout Modular integrated thermal printer
Working environment Room temperature(20 ± 10)°C; relative humidity <85%
Dimension 330mm×335mm×445mm
Weight 30kg