Automatic smoking point tester, ST123


Smoking point tester (automatic) ST123B, ST123B Smoking point tester (automatic), ST123B Smoking point tester automatic, Automatic smoking point tester ST123, ST123 Automatic smoking point tester

Product details

ST-123B Automatic smoke point tester is based on the national standards GB/T20795-2006 ” vegetable oil smoking point Determination” This instrument adopts LCD screen to display .It can preset smoke point temperature and sample mark number. It has menu that can prompt and guide. It adopts simulation tracking to display the function curve of temperature rising and test time It has the functions of English operation prompt,test date,test time and other parameters. This instrument can automatically detect the smoke point and print test data.The test arm automatically rise up and lower down. Widely used in quality control, import and export inspection, plant oil processing, plant oil storage and transportation, food processing, scientific research, agricultural breeding, the school ,plant oil smoking point testing department and so on.

Major technical parameter

1.Power: AC(220±22)V,50Hz

2、Temperature measurement:Range:room temperature~400℃;Accuracy:0.1℃

3、Heating rate: correspond with GB/T20759;

4、Test mode: Photoelectric sensor,that wavelength is 430nm;

5、Ambient temperature:(10~40)℃;

6、Relative humidity:≤80%;

7、Total power consumption:≤500W

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