Automatic square sugar hardmeter, ST120F


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Product details

ST120F Automatic square Sugar Hard meter is a new type of high-precision intelligent tester designed by modern mechanical design concept and microcomputer processing technology according to the provisions of the QBT 1214-2002 sugar and QB/T 5011-2016 sugar test methods.

Product features

1, Mechatronics modern design concept, compact structure, nice appearance, easy maintenance.

2, Adopting high precision weighing sensor fixed on upper platen, to ensure collecting data rapidly and accurately.

3, Adopting high-speed ARM processor, to ensure the high degree of automation and intelligentize, very easy to operate. It have power data processing function, can get all the statistical results.

4, Display the pressure force and deflection in time on the LCD display.

5, Finishing test, the measuring head can revert automatically.

6, Equipped with micro-printer, convenient to get the result.

Product parameter

Item Parameter
Power AC220V±10% 2A 50Hz;
Error ±1%
Varation of indication < 1%
Resolution 0.1N
Measuring range 0-50MPa
Working stroke (1~70)mm
Test speed (12.5 ± 2.5) mm/min
Circle pressure plate diameter 60mm
Interface LCD display
Printout Modular integrated thermal printer
Working environment Room temperature(20 ± 10)°C; relative humidity < 85%
Dimension 390mmx240mmx540mm
Weight 40kg

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