Colony Counter-Bacterial, BC-50



Widely used for bacilli inspection of food, drink, medicine, biological, make-up, health products, water for drink, domestic sewage, and industrial water.


  1. CMOS integrated circuit and LED digitaldisplay.
  2. The special probe counts sensitively and accurately.
  3. It is composed by counter, probe and count pond,etc.
  4. The magnificationisvariable by adjusting theflectional arm

Technical Parameters:

Model BC-50
Phonetic Counting No
Amplification 5X, 10X
Counter Range 0 ~ 999
Suitable Petri Dishes Φ50mm, Φ90mm
Character Height 13mm
Lamp Power 16W
Power Supply 220V, 50/60Hz
External Size 255 * 180 * 110mm
Package Size 380*290*360mm
Net weights 1.7kg
Gross weight 3kg