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CB Series Bio Safety Cabinet

Bio safety Cabinet Class II Cabinet CB-B/CB-B-A2 series

$335,000.00 – $550,000.00


These Class” bio safety cabinets protect you, your product, and the laboratory environment from exposure

Designed for operations requiring bio safety level 1,2 or 3 containment such as culture analysis and bacteriological

Included HEPA filter are 99.97% efficient on particles of O.3um

Cabinet interior is manufactured from type 304 SS and features radiuses corners and a removable work surface

Service fixture enable connection to gas,air,water or vacuum source.

Also included FL lighting and UV lamp for work area decontamination


Safety Cabinet: CB-90-B,CB-120-B,CB-150-B,CB-180-B.
Digital Safety Cabinet: CB-90-B-D,CB-120-B-D,CB-150-B-D, CB-180-B-D.
Safety Cabinet-A2: CB-90-B-A2,CB-120-B-A2,CB-150-B-A2, CB-180-B-A2,
Digital Safety Cabinet-A2: CB-90-B-A2-D,CB-120-B-A2-D,CB-150-B-A2-D,CB-180-B-A2-D


Model CB-90-B CB-120-B CB-150-B
Model CB-90-B-A2 CB-120-B-A2 CB-150-B-A2
Working Area (WxBxH) 900x630x630mm 1200x630x630mm 1500x630x630mm
Clearness Class Class II-A Class II-A2
Main & Exhaust Filters HEPA 99.97% efficiency at 0.3J81l particle Option: ULPA 99.997%
Air Velocity Inflow: 0.5 to 0.7 m/s Down: 0.3 to 0.5 m/s
Air Flow volume 980m3/h 1100m3/h 1900m3/h
Sterilizing 2xUV30W 2 x UV40W 2 x UV40W
Illumination 2 x FL30W 2 x FL40W 2 x FL40W
Noise level 55 – 60 dBA
Blower Centrifugal high efficiency fan with speed control
Material Interior Stainless steel
Exterior Epoxy powder coated steel plate
Door Tempered safety glass with sliding door
Utility Device Air & Gas cock, 110/200 VAC receptacle
Power source 220VAC,50/60Hz
Overall B type 1020x840x1830mm 1320x840x1830mm 1620x840x1830mm
(WxDxH) B-A2 type 1020x840x1500mm 1320x840x1500mm 1620x840x1500mm
Weight (Kg) 220/200 250/230 270/250

Options: 1) ULPA filter (99.997%) 2) Digital control & display

3) Moving stand of A2 type (H=770mm)


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