Bottom loading furnace up to 1900ºC HOB SERIES

Bottom loading furnace, HOB Series


#Bottom loading furnace, HOB Series

#Bottom loading furnace up to 1900ºC HOB SERIES

#Oxidant atmosphere

#Controlled atmosphere with hermetic closing

  • Temperatures 1.600 ºC – 1.700 ºC -1.800 ºC -1.900 ºC (MoSi2)
  • Electric Bottom loading
  • Inner sizes under request ( Custom furnace available)
  • Let work 24/7 in continuous mode
  • MoSi2 High quality molybdenum disilicide heating elements
  • Fast heat
  • Refrigerated by water
  • Inox chamber.
  • Low thermal mass insulation
  • Built with low density and ceramic fiber
  • Double isolation chamber + air chamber
  • Outside casing in metal sheet painted ( inox as optional)
  • Thermocouple type S or B
  • Compact and lightweight furnace
  • Easy to replace all the spare parts by the end user
  • Furnace control:
    • Under the furnace
    • PAD Digital control. Microprocessor. Alarm.
    • Furnace disconnection by thermocouple break
    • Power adjustment:Eurotherm tyristor equipment
    • General safety switch
    • General safety contactor
  • Manufactured under the CE
  • Accessories
    • Ceramic tray
    • Smoke chimney
    • Forced smoke chimney
    • Security class II. Over-temperature protection
    • Inlet gas entry
    • Flow meter box
  • Optional regulation
    • 1 program 8 steps (Programmer)
    • 4 program 15 steps (Programmer)
    • Data logger and programmer communication by Ethernet/ RS232

Bottom Loading Furnace

  1. A) Air atmosphere
  2. B) Controlled atmosphere furnace with hermetic closing

MAX. TEMPERATURE: 1650ºC – 1700ºC – 1800ºC – 1900ºC

This furnace model is technically designed with the most advanced types of
isolating fibers and heating elements of the current market, which allows you
to obtain a very high temperature range in a much shorter time than the rest
of furnaces of the market built with conventional refractory.
It also has a perfect thermal isolation and without remarkable inertias; in the
chamber construction it is inserted (side, ceiling and bottom) the refractory of
ceramic type except for the bottom manufactured with high temperature
refractory of very high degree of aluminium content and melting point,
allowing for the introduction of parts, crucibles, samples or objects of a certain
consistency and weight without danger of sinking or breaking.
The fiber plates that form the chamber sides and ceiling are supported and
anchored on a double chamber of ceramic refractory plates of the same type
as the bottom plate. – Furnace disconnection by thermocouple break. – Furnace disconnection when opening the door.
Homogeneity ±5%. Stability ±2°
Maximum work temperature: 1.600ºC peak in limited time.
Continuous work regime temperature:1.550ºC
Isolation: 25 and 50mm thick fiber on hot face of chamber M-160.
Ramp programmer 4 programs of 15 segments. Microprocessor in non-volatile
Manufactured according to the CEE standards BS EN 61010-1-2001
Safety alarm on temperature.

The electrically operated elevator hearth ensures operator safety and prevents radiation of heat from the
chamber walls.
The loading platform has a full travel which allows the complete chamber height to be used.
Outstanding temperature uniformity due to all-around the furnace chamber heating
The furnace can be adapted to accommodate an inert atmosphere, by placing a large inverted alumina crucible
and hermetic (A-304)
Refrigerated by water
Gas inlet and outlet connections