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Vicat apparatus


Specification Vicat test set ASTM, used to determine setting time and consistency measurement of cement, supplied complete with vicat mould, needle, consistency plunger, supporting plate and 110°c Glass thermometer…

Cellulose Nitrate Filter Paper


Cellulose Nitrate Filter Paper Pore Size (µm):0.45 Sterilized on: 08.18 Pack Size: 100 PC per Box Brand: Sartorius Origin: Germany…

Cement Autoclave-408-2, Laboratory, Aimil


Product Description The Laboratory Cement Autoclave is suitable for conducting accelerated soundness tests on Cement or the Autoclave expansion test. The equipment consists of a Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel with insulated outer shell, fabricated out of high quality Stainless Steel Sheet. The pressure inside the vessel is controlled through a micro processor based PID controller….

Muffle Furnace or High Temp. Chamber Furnace


Item No.1 CWF12/13-230SN, 220-240V, Single Phase High Temp. Chamber Furnace/Muffle Furnace Brand: Carbolite Gero Origin: UK Standard Features: • 1200 °C maximum operating Temperature • Carbolite Gero 301 controller with single ramp to set point and process timer • Soft closing door on 13 litre models • Vertical lift door keeps heated surface away from…

Indian Standard Sand, Grade-III, Physics Lab, India


Indian Standard Sand Specification IS: 650 Grade: III-Particle Size Lessthan-1 mm and greater than 0.5 mm Mfg.: Physics Lab, Origin: India Pack Size: 25kg/BAG…