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Citric acid monohydrate for analysis, 1Kg, Merck


Certificate of Guarantee:

Assay (acidlmetric; calc, on anhydrous

substance)                         99 5 -100.5 %

Identity (Citrate)                 paJses test

In water insoluble matter max 50 ppm

Chloride (CI)                       max 5 ppm

Phosphate (P04)               max 10 ppm

Sulphate (S04)                 max 20 ppm

Cu (Copper)                             max 5 ppm

Fe (Iron)                           max 3 ppm

Pb (lead)                          max 2 ppm

Ox.aJates (as C2H204) max 500 ppm Readily carbonisable substEll”lC8

passes test

Sulfal6d ash                  max 200 ppm

Water (accordmg to Karl Fischer) 7.5-88%

Corresponds to ACS, ISO