Coarse fiber tester, ST116


#ST116 Coarse Fiber tester

Product details

ST116 Coarse Fiber tester tests raw fiber content according to acid and alkali boiling method. It adopts accurate concentration acid and alkali to boil samples in particular condition, then remove soluble substances by ether, deduct the amount of minerals by high temperature burning.

Technical parameter

Measuring object: raw fiber content in various kinds of grain, feed, food and other agriculture and sideline products

Measuring sample quantity: 6/times

Reproducibility error:

Raw fiber level < 10% absolute value erroe≤0.4%

Raw fiber level >10% absolute value error≤4%

Measuring time: about 100min (including acid 40min, alkali 40min, filter and wash 20 min)

Power: AC220V/501HZ, 2800W

Water supply: water pressure >1.5MPa water temperature <20°C

Size: 670×450×670mm

Weight: 30kg

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