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Concrete Air Meter


The H-2783 air meter features the Humboldt, all-brass super pump, the most reliable and highest quality pump available. The meter’s easy-to-use, stainless steel clamping system employs four, one-piece, self-locking clamps that quickly seal the lid to the base with proper tension aided by an o-ring to assure a watertight seal. A large, easy-to-read, 4-inch diameter, direct percentage gauge with calibration adjustments is accurate to the nearest 0.1%. The bucket features cast handles, which improve usability, especially when using bucket as a 0.25 cu. ft. unit weight measure. The lid of the pressure meter features a smooth sloped top so water and concrete wipe right off. By eliminating the cavities in the lid that trap and hold concrete, maintenance and repair problems are greatly reduced. The meter also features a machined base, which ensures the meter sets level when conducting tests. The kit includes a durable plastic carrying case; a tamping rod; strike-off bar; rubber bulb syringe; plastic calibration vessel; inside calibration tube, outside calibration tube and operating instructions.

The Humboldt Concrete Air Meter supports the following standards: ASTM C231, AASHTO T152, ASTM C31