Crude protein tester, type-C


#Crude protein tester; digestive furnace, type C

Product details

Type C digital digestive furnace adopts quaertz infrared heaing pipe, the radiation is ,primary and the conduction is auxiliary; short heating time, high efficiency.

Machine box adopts specially made plastic spray steel; working area adopts stainless steel materiels. Has good corrosion resistance.

Double-shell design, double thermal insulation effect with air thermal insulation layer and aluminum silicate thermal insulation layer

Has multiple protections: overpressure, over current, overheating.

Small and beautiful, easy to operate, user-friendly

Model: Difference

ST-04C: With 4 holes digital digest furnace

ST-08C: With 8 holes digital digest furnace

ST-16C: With 12 holes digital digest furnace

ST-20C: With 20 holes digital digest furnace

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