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Product Details: Type Of Model Industrial Power Source Electric Drop Height 660 mm and 1524 mm (Adjustable) Dart Weight 5 gm to 90 gm (Steel weight) Maximum weight holding capacity of Dart Holding Mechanism Upto 2 Kg Least Count of Height Adjustable Clamp 1 mm Counter Digital Counter Vacuum Pump oil Capacity 250 ml Brand Prestro Material SS Automation Grade Automatic Power 220V, 50Hz, Single Phase Dart Impact Tester is a consistent tool for determining the impact of a free falling dart on a plastic film. The energy of the falling dart causes the film to fail under specified conditions. The dart has a hemispherical head and is held by a strong electromagnetic dart holder. PRESTO Drat Impact Tester is manufactured under Test Standard IS 2508:1984(R2003), ASTM D1709-16A. Electromagnetic Hold and release mechanism for dart Dart Drop Height adjustable clamp Inbuilt Digital counter for counting the number of falls during single test operation Circular annular clamping devices for zero slippage Single Push button operation Shielding structure to prevent dart from falling out after bounce from sample Strong base plate with rugged structure Clamping Shield height adjustable collar

Presto Dart Impact Tester

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