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Diastograph, Y37



Diastograph determines the gelatinization properties and enzyme activity of flour, whole flour meal, rice flour, maize, rye and barley etc. The Diastograph gives the similar results as Amylograph. The working principle is that a suspension of flour and distilled water is heated with a constant rate 1.5 °C/min with the rotating bowl where the strength against the mixing is measured considering the viscous characteristics of the sample. The Diastograph can control directly own embedded industrial touch screen PC. User friendly software allows to work with starches, modified starches with modifications on heating/cooling rate and mixing bowl speed by operator depending on application.


– Easy to operate & robust design & multilanguage & user friendly software
– Determination of gelatinization properties of flour and starch varieties
– Two device in single body for flour and starch analysis
– Easy to update of software with remote access control
– Data and results can be stored on computer
– Integrated computer on the device, which makes possible to put on intranet
– To create special test profiles for different applications
– Measuring alpha amylase activity in flour

The Diastograph can be determine :

– Viscosity/Temperature at the beginning
– Gelatinization/Temperature at the beginning
– Max. Gelatinization/Temperature
– Hot/Cold Phase Viscosity /Temperature
– Final Holding Viscosity / Temperature


Dimensions (H x D x W): 850 mm x 650 mm x 500 mm
Energy: 220 V 50 – 60 Hz
Net Weight: 72 Kg
Mixing bowl capacity: 550 ml
Mixing bowl speed: 75 min-1 as a standard, adjustable 0 – 300 min-1
Heating Rate: 1.5°C/min as standard, adjustable 0.1 – 3.0°C/min
*Optional Cooling System with Cooling Rate: 0.5 – 3.0°C/min.