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DMF Series Digital Muffle Furnace

Digital Muffle Furnace, DMF Series, Korea



These muffle furnace are made of ceramic mold insulation and double walled construction.

minimize exterior surface temperature and provides extended heating element-life

Microprocessor PID control with auto tune function prevents overshooting of set temperature

3 sides wall heating element maintain temperature uniformity ±5C

An air vent on the top of furnace; an atmosphere inlet lets you purge inner gases and check temperature

A door switch cut power to heating element when the door is opened minimizing you explosure to hot temperature.


Model DMF-03 DMF-05 DMF-12 DMF-27 DMF-64 DMF-125
Capacity 2.9 liter 4.5 liter 12 liter 27 liter 64 liter 125 liter
Chamber (WxBxH)mm 130x2SOx90 150x300x 100 200x300x200 300x300x300 400x400x400 500x500x500
Temp. Range 100 – 1200C
Sensor K type thermo couple
Timer Digital I 99hr,59 min
Heating Element Electric sheath heater
Power 2.2 Kw 2.6Kw 4.4 Kw 6.2Kw 11.1 Kw 21 Kw
Material Exterior Powder coated steel plate
Insulation Ceramic mold & board
Door Steel plate with ceramic mold
Control & Display Microprocessor control & LED display, Temp.,Time, Heater On/Off
Safety Device Over temp. limiter & alarm, Air vent on the top
Power Source 220VAC, 5O/60Hz, single phase 220VAC,5O/60Hz, 3 phase
Overall (WXDXH)mm 410x485x51 0 420x550x580 500x550x580 580x590x740 670x630x850 880x890x1040
Weight (Kg) 30 35 45 65 100 140

Options : Programmable microprocessor control