DO Meter-Optical, DOG-2082YS


#Optical dissolved oxygen meter


Online measure dissolved oxygen and temperature measurement

Instrument for panel mounted,wall mounted,pipe mounted.

With digital and Optical Dissolved oxygen Sensor, the sensor is directly with RS485 Modbus.

With three relays, two for high and low limit, one for clean time set

This BOQU optical dissolved oxygen meter provides RS485 Modbus RTU communication,2 ways of 4-20mA and datalogger

Application:industrial waste water, drinking water environmental monitoring,pulp and paper process,chemical industry and other water and wastewater treatment


1) Extremely quickly and precision optical dissolved oxygen sensor.
2) It’s suitable for harsh application and free-maintenance, save cost.
3) Special light source technology for long working life of dissolved oxygen sensor.
4) Provide two ways of 4-20mA output for dissolved oxygen and temperature.
5) Digital Optical DO Sensor provide precision and online measurement.
6) With data recording function, user easy to check history data and history curve.

Technical Parameters

Product DOG-2082YS Digital Dissovled Oyxgen Meter
Function Online measure dissolved oxygen and temperature
Sensor type With Digital Dissolved Oxyen Sensor

(Sensor with RS485 Modbus)

Measure range 0~20.00 mg/L

0~200.00 %


Accuracy ±1%FS


Power supply 90 – 260V AC 50/60Hz
Housing material ABS
Communication RS485 Modbus
Data recording function Yes
Protection IP65
Current output Isolated type

2 ways of 4-20mA output

(dissolved oxygen. temperature)

Relay Two relays for high and low limit

One relay for clean

Overall dimension 144×144×104mm
Hole size 138×138mm
Installation Panel/Wall/Pipe mounted