Electromagnetic flow meter, BQ-MAG


#Electromagnetic flow meter BQ-MAG

Industrial flow meter is one of BOQU Instrument’s multiple product series, including turbine flow meter and electromagnetic flow meter. Industrial flow meter, manufactured based on high-quality materials and advanced technology, has reasonable structure, excellent performance, stable quality, and long-lasting durability. It is a reliable product which is widely recognized in the market.

#Electromagnetic flow meter BQ-MAG

1.Measurement is not affected by the variation of flow density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity. High accuracy measurement is guaranteed according to the linear measurement principle.

2.No moving parts in the pipe, no pressure-loss and lower requirement for straight pipeline.

3.DN 6 to DN2000 covers a wide range of pipe size. A variety of liners and electrodes are available to satisfy different flow characteristic.

4.Programmable low frequency square wave field excitation, improving measurement stability and reducing power consumption.

5.Implementing 16 bits MCU, providing high integration and accuracy; Full-digital processing, high noise resistance and reliable measurement; Flow measurement range up to 1500:1.

6.High definition LCD display with backlight.

7.RS485 or RS232 interface supports digital communication.

8.Intelligent empty pipe detection and electrodes resistance measurement diagnosing empty pipe and electrodes contamination accurately.

9.SMD component and surface mount technology (SMT) are implemented to improve the reliability.

Technical parameters

Mediuim Water,wastewater,slurry,sea water, mud and other conductivity liquids
Diameter DN6~DN2000mm
Accuracy +/-0.5%
Temperature <80℃(rubber); <180℃(PTFE)
Pressure 4.0Mpa(DN10~80); 1.6Mpa(DN100~150); 1.0Mpa(DN200~1000); 0.6Mpa(DN1200~2000)
Flow speed 0.3~10m/s
Electrode SS316L(standard); Titanium; Tantalum; Hastelloy, platinum
Lining PTFE; Rubber; polyurethane PUetc
Connection Flange; thread, tri-clamp
Body material Carbon steel, SS304, SS316
Power supply 220VAC, 24VDC, Battery
Output Pulse; 4~20mA; HART; RS485; RS232, MODBUS; GPRS
Protection IP65 or IP68

Selection of lining material

Lining Material Features Temperature Typical Medium
Neoprene(CR) Medium abrasion resistance, general acid salt solution <80℃ Tap water, industrial water, sea water
Polyurethane rubber(PU) Excellent wear resistance and poor acid and alkali resistance <80℃ Slurry, pulp, mud, etc.
PTFE(F4 or PTFE) Stable chemical properties, corrosion resistance to boiling hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, aqua regia, concentrated alkali <140℃ Corrosive acid-base salt solution
Polyperfluoroethylene propylene(F46 or FEP) Chemical properties equivalent to F4, tensile strength, tensile strength better than F4 <180℃ Corrosive acid-base salt solution

Selection of electrode material

Electrode Performance
SS316L Suitable for: domestic water, industrial water, raw water well water, urban sewage, weak corrosive acid, alkali, salt solution
Hastelloy B Suitable for:  non-oxidizing acid such as hydrochloric acid with concentration less than 10%, sodium hydroxide with concentration less than 50%, alkali hydroxide solution at all concentrations; phosphoric acid and organic acid;

Not for:  nitric acid

Hastelloy C Suitable for: mixed acid (such as mixed solution of chromic acid and sulfuric acid); oxidizing salts (such as seawater, containing Cu+++, Fe+++)
Not for: hydrochloric acid
Titanium Suitable for: salt (such as chloride, sodium salt, potassium salt, ammonia salt, hypochlorite, sea water), potassium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide, cerium hydroxide solution with concentration less than 50%;

Not for:  reducing acids such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid;

tantalum Suitable for: hydrochloric acid (concentration less than 40%), dilute sulfuric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid (excluding fuming sulfuric acid); chlorine dioxide, ferric chloride, hypochlorous acid, sodium chloride, lead acetate, etc.; nitric acid (including fuming nitric acid) Aqueous acid), aqua regia with a temperature below 80° C;

Not for:  alkali, hydrofluoric acid

Platinum Suitable for:  Almost all acid-base solutions (including fuming sulfuric acid and fuming nitric acid)
Not for: aqua regia, ammonia salt
Tungsten carbide Suitable for:  pulp, sewage, mud, resistant to solid particles
Not for:  inorganic acids, organic acids and chlorides

Standard flow range

Size Flow range


Size Flow range


DN10 0.2-1.2 1.6 Mpa DN400 226.19-2260 1.0 Mpa
DN15 0.32-6 1.6 Mpa DN450 286.28-2860 1.0 Mpa
DN20 0.57-8 1.6 Mpa DN500 353.43-3530 1.0 Mpa
DN25 0.9-12 1.6 Mpa DN600 508.94-5089 1.0 Mpa
DN32 1.5-15 1.6 Mpa DN700 692.72-6920 1.0 Mpa
DN40 2.26-30 1.6 Mpa DN800 904.78-9047 1.0 Mpa
DN50 3.54-50 1.6 Mpa DN900 1145.11-11450 1.0 Mpa
DN65 5.98-70 1.6 Mpa DN1000 1413.72-14130 0.6Mpa
DN80 9.05-100 1.6 Mpa DN1200 2035.75-20350 0.6Mpa
DN100 14.13-160 1.6 Mpa DN1400 2770.88-27700 0.6Mpa
DN125 30-250 1.6 Mpa DN1600 3619.12-36190 0.6Mpa
DN150 31.81-300 1.6 Mpa DN1800 4580.44-45800 0.6Mpa
DN200 56.55-600 1.0 Mpa DN2000 5654.48-56540 0.6Mpa
Note: flow range,pressure can be customized