Fan Filter Unit – FFU series



  1. FFU shell and HEPA filter adopt split design,easy to install and replace.
  2. Microprocessor control system, energy-saving and low noise.
  3. Long service-life blower,up to 100,000 hours,maintenance-free and small vibration.
  4. Suitable for using separately or connecting together for assembly line.
  5. Made of aluminium coated zinc plate, anti-corrosion,rust-proof and light weight.

Technical parameters

Model FFU 1000 FFU 1200 FFU 1500 FFU 1800
External Size


975*575*380mm 1175*575*380mm 1475*575*380mm 1775*575*380mm
Air Velocity  0.45m/s±20%
HEPAFilter 99.999%efficiency at 0.3μm
HEPAFilter Size


970*69*570mm 1170*69*570mm 1470*69*570mm 1770*69*570mm
Blower Built-in centrifugal blower
Noise ≤60dB
Consumption 110W 220W
Power Supply AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz;110V±10%, 50/60Hz
Shell Material Aluminium coated zinc plate
Gross Weight 60kg 70kg 90kg 110kg
Package Size(W*D*H) 1135*540*800mm 1335*540*800mm 1635*540*800mm 1935*540*800mm