Flour extensograph, ST150


#Flour extensograph-ST150

Product details

ST150Flour Extensograph analyzer special used to analyze the quality of wheat flour, mainly for controlling and monitoring the quality of wheat and wheat flour during wheaten breeding, purchasing, storage, flour processing, and foodstuff producing process. Features: Accurate, speedy: adopting electric analyzing technology instead of mechanical testing power system and its tested data is more accurate and quick. Reliable, steady: the result has good repeatability and recurrence High automation: computer to process the data, judge the result automatically, and is able to re-judge the tested result according to national standard and international standard.

Product index

Major tech parameter:

Speed of stretching hooked: 14.5±0.5 mm/s

Zymo-chamble temperature: 30℃

Speed of balling unit:83±3/min

Speed of dough roll: 15±1/min

Consumption: 3 x 40W Power

Frequency: 220V/ 50Hz

Shape size: 117x76x63CM

Gross weight: 160KG

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