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Flour testing device, Y02



The device use for the determination of a wide variety data of the mixing and bread making properties of the flour. The resistance of the dough against the mixing arms is analysed depending on the flour quality by the time of mixing process. The device can control directly own embedded industrial touch screen PC and software. Flour Testing Device gives similar results as Farinograph. All properties of the dough is measured, calculated, saved and converted PDF format.


– Easy to operate & robust design & multilanguage & user friendly software
– Data and results can be stored on it’s own computer
– Integrated computer on the device, which makes possible to put on intranet
– Easy to update of software with remote access control
– Security control on the cover of the mixing bowl
– Determination of rheological properties of flour

Flour Testing Device can be determine :

– Water Absorbtion Capacity (%)
– Dough Development Time ( Minutes )
– Dough Stability ( Minutes )
– Knead Tolerance Index
– Softening Degrees (10th, 12th, 20th)
– Flour Quality Coefficient (FQC)

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions (H x D x W): 360 mm x 650 mm x 490 mm
Energy: 220 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Net Weight: 115 Kg
Mixer: 300 g as a standard, 50 g mixer (optional)