Hammer Mill, ST005B elite scientific & meditech co mill hammer for food testing

Hammer mill, ST005B


#Hammer Mill, ST005B

High speed, high efficiency, small crushing objects.
Easy to operate, Built-in protection switch, safe use
Paste advanced wall cabinet sound insulation materials inside box, noise made less than similar products at home and abroad.
Has temperature device built in the motor, it will automatically shut down once the motor exceeds the set temperature, when temperature drops to the normal, it can restart.
Can be directly installed automatic feeder, which can effectively control the feed rate of high moisture samples and shell corn to improve the crushing effect.

Suitable for the gluten quantity and quality, grain viscosity, wheat falling number, near-infrared composition and other parameters

Power supply: AC220±10V 50Hz
Motor power: 750W
Workroom diameter: 110mm
Crusher hammer rotating speed: 16800r/min
Sieve plate aperture: 0.5, 0.8, 1.5mm
Shape size: 530*530*650mm
Operating weight: 51kg