Jar Tester, JT4E


#Jar Test P

#Flocculators, JT4E

#Jar Tester, JT4E
#Jar Tester  4 positions

#Portable Digital Flocculator

#Portable digital flocculate – 4 positions

Portable digital flocculator for water analysis, 4 positions.

Suitable for 1 L tall form glasses.

Adjustable stirring speed, controlled by microprocessor.

Soft and progressive start and stop.

Backlit LCD digital display with indication of the selected and actual speed value, and timer (with acoustic warning).

Keyboard with membrane buttons, sensitive to the touch.

Possibility of memorizing 2 speeds and switching from one to the other with a single press.

Stainless steel stirring rods. Ø 6 mm. and adjustable in height.

Light screen in each position.

Handle for easy transport.

Double power supply: 230V AC and 12V DC, which allows working with the car battery.

Supplied with cable for car cigarette lighter.

Technical specifications

Model JT4E
Reference 10000-00097
No. positions 4
Power (W) fifty
Speed ​​range (rpm) 20-250
Resolution (rpm) 5
Accuracy (rpm) one
Timer (min) 0-240
General data
Dimensions (mm) 250x250x290
Weight (kg) 9.0
IP protection IP34
Electrical power supply* 220-230V ** 50-60Hz and 12V
Packaging 66x45x43 cm
Distributor: Elite Scientific & Meditech Co.

* Double power supply to be used both in the car and in a normal outlet

** Consult for different voltages. 110V available as reference 10000-00097V