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Jar Tester SF series, Korea



  • For flocculation test of water, possible to stir 4 or 6 samples at the same time
  • The fixed illuminator provides glare-free lighting to provide diffused lighting of samples
  • Life time keeps long due to the excellent & durable brushless DC motor
  • Speed control maintains 4 or 6 peddle’s rotation speed concurrently by feedback control
  • Digital speed indication & built-in timer (99hr 59min)
  • İndicate separately set-in rpm an practical rpm on the bright LED screen and confirm at the same time
  • SP:4 portable type


Model SF-04 SF-06
Paddle Dia.40mm x4 Dia.40mm x 6
Blade 1″ x 3″, stainless steel
RPM 20 to 300
Drive Brushless DC motor 60W
Timer Digital/99hr,59min,59sec
Illumination FL 20W x 2
Control & display Microprocessor & digital LED display
Power source 220VAC, 50/60Hz
Overall (WxDxH) 320x320x390mm 900x250x450mm
Weight (Kg) 10 22