Kinematic viscosity bath _EIE-410BA



#Viscosity bath

#Kinematic viscosity bath (Below ambient) _EIE-410BA)

Compliance with following International Standards

ASTM D445, IS 1448 (P 25)


Used for determination of Kinematic and Intrinsic viscosity Of Polyester chips in accordance with ASTM D445 and other equivalent methods.

Salient Features

  • Microprocessor based circuitry assures precise and reliable temperature control
  • Dual digital displays shows set and actual bath temperature
  • Bath accommodates 02/04/06 Nos glass capillary reversion viscometers of various types at a time
  • Viewing the viscometers is made easy by glare‑free fluorescent illumination.
  • Uniform temperature is assured by means of motorized stirrer
  • Frost free glass window for low temperature values
  • Control panel is mounted on a side of the bath
  • Complete exterior body is  finished with attractive powder coated paint

Technical Specifications of Bath

Temperature Control Range 10 °C to Ambient
Temperature Controller Microprocessor based Auto Tune PID Digital controller
Temperature Display LED Display
Display resolution 0.1 °C (Optional 0.01°C at extra cost)
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.1 °C (@ 25°C)
Heater Immersion heater
Viewing window Vacuum glass window for frost free viewing below 5°C range
Stirrer 1400 RPM motor with stirrer for uniform Temperature
Inner chamber material Stainless Steel S.S. 304 Grade with tempered glass
Exterior body Fabricated from mild steel material
Paint Powder coating in attractive shades
Illumination 11-15 Watts lamp
Accessories Supplied complete with Viscometer holders
Accommodates 02/04/06 Viscometers
Electrical Requirements 220 volts, 50 Hz, AC Supply
Power consumption 1.5 KW

Technical Specifications of Refrigeration System

Refrigeration system Emerson/Danfoss Make refrigeration system
Compressor Hermetically Sealed Compressor
Condenser Fin & Tube type Air Cooled Condenser
Refrigerant R134a

Optional Accessories At Extra Cost

  1. Voltage Stabilizer
  2. Temperature calibration certificate as per ISO/IEC : 17025 (NABL)
  3. Display resolution 0.01°C with Eurotherm Make Controller
  4. Thermometer glass ‑ IP 30C (‑23.6 / 26.4°C x 0.05°C ) ASTM 45C
  5. Glass U Tube Viscometer to be purchased at extra cost

Selection Guide

Chamber size 
(W x D x H)
Can Accommodate Volume capacity 
Digital Model Numbers 
Digital GMP Model Numbers 
20 x 15 x 30 cm 2 Viscometers 9 Liters EIE-410BADP02 EIE-410BADG02
23 x 23 x 30 cm 4 Viscometers 15 Liters EIE-410BADP04 EIE-410BADG04
36 x 23 x 30 cm 8 Viscometers 25 Liters EIE-410BADP08 EIE-410BADG08

BA : Below Ambient, D : Digital,  P : Powder coating, G : GMP

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