Vertical door muffle furnace, MF Series

Muffle Furnace, MF Series, Vertical Door


# Vertical door muffle furnace, MF Series


  • Max temp. 1000ºc – 1,200ºc – 1,300c
  • Vertical swing door available
  • 2 or 4 open heating plates with built-in Kanthal AF wire resistance, located on sills, sides and ceiling
  • Double chamber with forced air circulation
  • Heat loss and minimum external temperature
  • Robust oven, continuous working periods at high temperatures
  • Ceramic fiber insulation chamber and low density refractory bricks
  • Double layer of insulation
  • Metal housing with paint protection (optional stainless steel)
  • Rear gas outlet chimney
  • S and K type thermocouple
  • Incorporates ceramic support tray
  • Compact and lightweight ovens
  • Oven control: Located on the side of the oven
    • Solid state relay avoiding mechanical noise
    • Built-in line input cord
    • PAD regulation. Digital automatic pyrometer. Microprocessor. Alarm.
    • Disconnecting the oven when opening the door
    • Oven disconnection thermocouple break
    • General safety switch
    • General safety contactor
  • CE regulation
  • Optional accessories and equipment
    • Ceramic trays
    • Refractory steel trays
    • Gas extractor chimney
    • Forced gas extractor chimney
    • Class II security. Over temperature alarm regulation
    • Inert atmospheres inlet rear
    • Manual or automatic flowmeter equipment for inert atmospheres
    • Silicon carbide chamber protection
    • Ceramic chamber protection
    • Mobile support foot
    • Steel structure interior chamber
  • Optional regulation
    • Programmer 1 program of 8 segments
    • Programmer 4 programs of 15 segments
    • PC communications software