Muffle furnace MF6-134; Vertical lift door


#1300ºC Muffle furnace 6L, Hobersal, Spain

Door type: Vertical lift door
Model: MF6-134
Brand: Hobersal, Spain
Maximum temperature: 1300 ºC
Maximum work temperature limited time 1250 ºC
Continuous work temperature 1200 ºC
Insulation specifications
Low density ceramic bricks and ceramic fiber
Thermocouple Type: S
Heating zones: 4
Heating elements type: Kanthal AF
Stability: 1 +-ºC
Homogeneity: 5 +ºC
Dimension (inner): H150xW150xD250 [mm]
Dimension (ourer): H660xW430xD510 [mm]
Control System: Digital Single Set Point
Power adjustment: SSR
Power: 4-5Kw; Hertz: 50-60 Hz; Voltage: 220 V II

OPTIONS: Security [Extra cost] if required]

Security Class II: Digital single set point

Security Class II: Digital single set point + additional Thermocouple

ACCESSORIES [Extra cost] if required

SPARE PARTS (Wear and Tear Material)

Heating elements

Thermocouple type K (HD)

Smoke extraction chimney

Forced smoke extraction chimney

Ramp programmer 1 prog. 8 steps

Inconel bottom tray (metal I-300, with edge)

Gas inlet on rear

Crucible tongs 450mm SS

Porcelain Crucible 60ml 1000ºC

Alumina Crucible 99,7% 1700ºC