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Multi position stirrers, Korea



Multi-position stirrers
3, 4, 6 stirring positions
Ideal for several applications at one time
Individual control
Precise speed control with electronic feedback control
Slow start and slow stop function
Only a small amount of heat on continuous running
Max. speed : 1500rpm


 It is possible to change stirring speed on same and different condition  Smooth acceleration of stirring speed ensures no spillage
 Electronic feedback control maintains a precise speed  Almost no heat-up of the plate
 It is individually controlled stirring positions that let you     perform different applications simultaneously  Stainless steel plate provides excellent chemical     resistance and corrosion resistance


Model MS2013 MS2024 MS2026
Stirring Positions 3 Positions 4 Positions 6 Positions
Type Magnetic stirrer
Stirring Speed up to 1500rpm
Speed display Scale
Capacity(H2O) up to 1000ml
Distance between stirring places 130mm
Speed Controller Feedback control
Dimensions Plate area(mm) 400×140 280×270 400×270
Overall(W×D×H)(mm) 400×220×80 280×350×80 400×350×80
Electrical supply 220V 50/60Hz
Weight 3.6Kg 4.2Kg 5.8Kg

Available model: MSM204D, MSM208D, MS2026, MS2013, MS2024