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Multi volume single channel micropipette, PS215


Single Channel Pipette is the new standard for microliter measurements. It is top of the line micropipette that is ergonomically designed and easily adjustable. They are commonly used in laboratory, research, chemistry, biology, forensic, pharmaceutical, and drug discovery labs to transfer small quantities of liquid.

Used in Pharmaceutical, Liquid Handling Task, Medical, Environmental Sciences, Laboratory, Research, Institutes, Industrial, Microbiology, Chemistry, Biology

Also known as Laboratory Micropipette, Micropipette, Laboratory Single Channel Pipette


  • Large central pipetting button and separate ejection function.
  • True one-handed operation for both right and left handers
  • Completely autoclavable at 121°C(20 min)
  • Volume-change protection
  • 4-position volume display, always clearly visible externally
  • Short stroke of only 12.5mm to reduce the risk of RSI(Respective Strain Injury)
  • Corrosion-resistant piston and ejector
  • Color-coded for easy selection of the right tip
  • Light weight, Accurate, Low force


Autoclavable 121°C
Volume 10-100 μl
Increment (μl) 0.1
Accuracy*≤±% 0.6
CV*≤% 0.2