Online ammonia nitrogen analyzer, NHNK-1000


#Online ammonia nitrogen analyzer, NHNK-1000


BOQU Instrument has new online ammonia nitrogen analyzer,model is NHNK-1000,it’s popular used for wastewater treatment plants. Controlling discharge values for ammonia nitrogen by a simple continuous ammonia nitrogen sensor measurement,it’s impossible in the past.BOQU Instrument provides this basis for a specific ammonia nitrogen parameter process control.During calibration, the NHNK-1000 Online ammonia nitrogen analyzer can be adjusted to a reference value which was photometrically determined in the lab for the specific medium to be analysed. In this way, the matrix effects of the wastewater are recorded and automatically taken into account for all readings. The biggest result is that calibration against standards is no longer required. The benefits of NHNK-1000 online ammonia nitrogen analyzer include :
1) Low initial investment
2) Operational costs reduced by up to 50%
3)Improved discharge values
4) Online help integrated in the ammonia nitrogen sensor

Technical Parameters

Product NHNK-1000 Online Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer
Power AC:AC220V, 50HZ, 5W


Measuring range NH4N:0.1-1000 mg/L

K+:0.5-1000 mg/L (Optional)


Accuracy NH4N:±5 % of the measured value or ± 0.2 mg/L, take the greater one.

K+:±5 % of the measured value or ±0.2 mg/L (Optional)


pH:±0.1 pH

Working temperature 0-45 ℃
Communication RS485 Modbus RTU
Resolution NH4N:0.01 mg/l

K+:0.01 mg/l(Optional)



Size Ammonia nitrogen transmitter:138*138(hole size)

Ammonia nitrogen sensor :55mm×340mm(Diameter*Length)

Output 4-20mA load <750Ω (optional)
Protection Ammonia nitrogen transmitter:IP65,

Ammonia nitrogen Sensor: IP68

Length of Cable Standard 10-meter long cable, which can be extended to 100 meters

Main Features

The Ammonia Nitrogen Sensor is directly output RS485 signal

High precision, high stability and strong anti-interference ability

The ion sensor enables long term stable measurement

BOQU digital ammonia nitrogen(NH4-N) sensor using ion electrode method which is designed for aeration control in wastewater treatment

The NH4 ion selective electrode is a grid film electrode,the material of which mainly uses a special organic ion exchange membrane that dissolves in the organic solution and penetrates with the PVC mesh.the ammonia nitrogen sensor is widely used include: drinking water, fertilizer, and refrigerant.

Real-time data transmission allows you to get timely and accurate data on monitoring water