Online blue-green algae analyzer, BAG-18


#Online blue-green algae analyzer, BAG-18


Measuring Principle    

The blue-green algae sensor utilizes the characteristic that the cyanobacteria has an absorption peak and an emission peak in the spectrum, and emits a specific wavelength of monochromatic light to illuminate the water, and the cyanobacteria in the water absorbs the energy of the monochromatic light, releasing a single wavelength single. In shades of light, the light intensity emitted by cyanobacteria is directly proportional to the amount of cyanobacteria in the water.
Pipe inlet of drinking water plant,water source site,aquaculture,surface water,Landscape water,sea water.

Technical Parameters

Product BAG-18 Online Blue-green Algae Analyzer
Measuring range Blue-green Algae , 100—2,000,000cells/mL
Accuracy Accuracy: ±5%
Pressure range ≤0.4Mpa
Sensor material Body:SUS316L(freshwater),Titanium alloy(sea water)
Communication RS485 Modbus RTU
Power AC:85-500VAC (50/60HZ) ;DC:9~36VDC
Output 2 ways of 4-20mA
Communication RS485 Modbus RTU
Relays 3 ways of relay
Working temperature -15 to 60℃
Protection Blue-green Algaetransmitter IP65, Blue-green Algae Sensor IP68
Length of Cable Standard 10-meter long cable, which can be extended to 100 meters

Main Features

The Blue-green Algae sensor is directly measurement without sampling and pre-processing.

It’s no chemical reagents, no secondary pollution.

Quickly measurement, avoid the effects that water sample stay long time

Digital Blue-green Algae sensor,Strong anti-interference ability and long transmission distance

The Blue-green Algae sensor is easy to install on site and Maintenance-free

Digital Blue-green Algae sensor can be directly with standard RS485 MODBUS