Online pH Meter, PHG-2091


#Online pH Meter, PHG-2091



PHG-2091 industrial online PH meter is precision meter for measurement of PH value of solution. With complete functions, stable performance, simple operation and other advantages, they are optimal instruments for industrial measurement and control of PH value. Various PH electrodes can be used in PHG-2091 industrial online PH meter.The pH controller is widely used in thermal power, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and tap water industries, and continuously monitors the pH value  and temperature in the solution.

Technical parameters

Product pHG-2091 Industrial Online pH Meter
Measuring range 0~14.00pH,0~100℃
Resolution 0.01pH
Accuracy 0.05pH,±0.3℃
Stability ≤0.05pH/24h
Control range 0~14.00pH
Temperature compensation 0~99℃
Output 4-20mA,current output load: max. 500Ω
Relay 2 relays, max. 230V, 5A(AC); Min. l l5V, 10A(AC)
Power supply AC 220V ±l0%, 50Hz
Dimension 96x96x110mm
Hole size 92x92mm

Main features

Microcomputer-based industrial control instruments are precision meters for measurement of conductivity or resistivity of solution.

With complete functions, stable performance, simple operation.

Automatic temperature compensation; isolated 4~20mA current output.

LCD display with back light to display conductivity and temperature value.

Instruments provide RS485 communication.

Dual relay control; adjustable delay; alarming with upper and lower thresholds