Online total cadmium meter, TCdG-3059


#Online total cadmium meter, TCdG-3059


TCdG-3059 The online automatic total cadmium analyzer is an optical method heavy metal online analyzer designed in accordance with national environmental protection standards. It is applied to the simultaneous online analysis of various heavy metal elements in water quality such as surface water, industrial process water and industrial wastewater. The measured heavy metal elements

Working Principle:
After the water sample is mixed with the regulator, the cadmium in the sample reacts with the indicator to form a colored complex in the presence of an alkaline environment and an indicator (TPPS4), and the analyzer detects the change in the color and This change is converted into a cadmium value output. The amount of colored complex formed is equivalent to the amount of cadmium.

Technical parameters

Product TCdG-3059 Online automatic total cadmium analyzer
Standard TPPS4 Spectrophotometry
Measuring range 0.00-3.00 mg/L
Accuracy ≤±10% when ≥0.2mg/L; ≤±0.02mg/L when <0.2mg/L
Repeatability ≤±5%
Stability ≤±10% in 24 hours
Measurement period The minimum measurement period is 50 minutes, according to the actual water sample, The digestion time can be modified from 5 to 120 minutes.
Sampling period Time interval(55~9999min adjustable by yourself) and Integral time measurement mode;
Calibration period Adjustable in 1~99days;
Maintenance period Usually one time per month and 30 minutes each time
Output 4~20mA( 2 ways) RS232,RS485
Ambient requirement It should be indoor and temperature can be adjustable. The recommend temperature is +5~28℃;humidity≤90%(no dew)
Power AC220±10% V,50±10% Hz,5 A;
Dimension size Height 1450×Width510×Length 450 mm;
Data saved The data can be saved when abnormal alarms and power off.
Display Touch screen and Command Input
Other When Reset after abnormal alarm and power on after off, the instrument automatically discharges residual reactants in the instrument and automatically resumes working status.