Open channel flow meter, BQ-OCFM



Principle of BQ-OCFM Open Channel Flow Meter
The physical quantity directly measured by the open channel flow meter is the liquid level. Water measuring weir will be installed at open channel and it’s for measure water flow.The measuring water weir converts the flow rate in the open channel into the level of the liquid level.The meter measures the water level in the water tank, and then calculates the instantaneous flow rate according to the relationship between the water level and the flow rate of the corresponding water tank.
The applicaton of open channel flow meter: Used in conjunction with a water gutter to measure the flow of water in an open channel. It is mainly used to measure the flow rate of sewage discharge ports and urban sewers in sewage plants and enterprise liquid units.

Technical Parameters

Product BQ-OCFM Open Channel Flow Meter
Flow rate 0.1L/Second~ 10m3/Second
Display 12-digit decimal, automatically cleared after the accumulation is full
Flow accuracy ±(1~3)%(according to Water measuring weir)
Max level 3 meters
Level accuracy ±0.3%(in 3 meter)
Resolution 1 mm
Output 4-20mA
Communication RS485 Modbus
Relay output (1 ~ 4) road (if necessary, please inform when ordering)
Power  VAC: 220V 50HZ or VDC (12-36) V 3W