Optical dissolved oxygen analyzer, DOG-3082YP

Optical DO analyzer, DOG-3082YP


Fluorescence online dissolved oxygen sensor

The optical dissolved oxygen sensor measures the dissolved oxygen by the fluorescence method, and the emitted blue light is irradiated on the phosphor layer. The fluorescent substance is stimulated to emit red light, and the oxygen concentration is inversely proportional to the time when the fluorescent substance returns to the ground state. By using this method to measure the dissolved oxygen, it will not produce oxygen consumption, thus assuring data stability, reliable performance, no interference, and simple installation and calibration.

Sensor technical specifications

Specifications Details
Size Diameter 49.5mm*Length 251.1mm
Weight 1.4KG
Main Material SUS316L+PVC (Ordinary Version), Titanium Alloy (Seawater Version)
O-ring: Fluoro-rubber                    Cable: PVC
Waterproof Rate IP68/NEMA6P
Measurement Range 0-20mg/L(0-20ppm), Temperature: 0-45℃
Indication Resolution Resolution:±3%, Temperature: ±0.5℃
Storage Temperature -15~65℃
Environment? Temperature 0~45℃
Pressure Range ≤0.3Mpa
Calibration Automatic air calibration,Sample calibration
Cable Length Standard 10-Meter Cable, Max Length: 100 Meters
Warranty Period 1 Year
External Dimension

Dissolved oxygen transmitter

This is BOQU Optical Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter, it’s with 2 ways of 4-20mA, and standard RS485 Modbus RTU; Aluminum housing material,IP65 protection


Relay, output and the signal

The transmitter is equipped with three configurable relay switches and two-way analog output.

Sensor and the sensor module

The transmitter is a single-parameters one, can contain one sensor.

Transmitter shell

Transmitter shell is of IP65 protection class. For outdoor use, it’s strongly recommended to take protective measures to prevent environmental damage.

Technical Data

Specification Details
Size 145*125*162mm L*W*H
Material of outside shell lower casing: Aluminum with powder covering
Cover: PA66+GF25+FR
Waterproof Rate IP65/NEMA4X
Storage Temperature -20 to 70℃
Operation Temperature -15 to 60℃
Power Supply AC:AC220V, 50HZ, 5W


Output Two-way analog output 4-20mA,response parameters and corresponding scope can be programmed
Note: the maximum load is 500 ohms
Relay Three-way relay can be set up, and response parameters and response values can be programmed
Display Output 128*64 dot matrix LCD with LED backlight, which can be operated under the direct sunlight
Digital Communication MODBUS RS485 communication function, which can transmit real-time measurements
Warranty Period 1 year