FCO series drying oven

Oven _FCO series 30L to 625L



FCO series drying oven is the most generally used oven in laboratories. With quickly heating up and good temperature uniformity, FCO series drying oven is widely used for drying, baking, soluble wax, solidification and thermal treatment in university, industrial and mining, food processing, biochemistry, agriculture, pharmaceuticals industry, etc.


  1. High quality material:

Mirror stainless steel inner chamber and shelf, convenient for cleaning and disinfection, outer plate is coated with Akzo powder, has elegant appearance and good corrosion resistant.

  1. Good temperature uniformity:

30L to 125L model are with vertical double ducts, 230L model is with special designed base duct, to ensure all size chamber temperature uniformity within ±2.5%.

  1. Heating isolated casting and door:

The oven sides, top and door are all filled with heat-insulating material (not including glass), to ensure the operators are not scalded.

  1. Low noise:

FCO oven adopt high quality motor and sound insulation material to protect lab environment, noise level under 52db.

  1. Speed adjusting fan (Model L):

Operators can adjust the motor speed to achieve the most ideal experimental results.

  1. Independent temperature limiter (Model L):

L type oven add a independent digital limiter, double guarantee the experiment will not fail because of over temperature.

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Model FCO-30D FCO-45D FCO-65D FCO-85D FCO-125D FOC-230D FOC-625D
FCO-30L FCO-45L FCO-65L FCO-85L FCO-125L FOC-230L FOC-625L
Heating type Forced convection
Performance Temp. rang RT+10~300°C
Temp. resolution 0.1°C
Temp. fluctuation ±1°C
Temp. accuracy ±2.5%
Structure Chamber material Stainless steel
External material Cold rolled steel, powder coating
Thermal insulation Aluminum silicate fiber
heater Stainless steel heating tube Nickel-chromium alloy Stainless steel heating tube
Rated power 0.8KW 1.2KW 1.6KW 1.8KW 2.3KW 3.0KW 5.0KW
Air outlet Inner diameter 28mmx1. top Inner diameter 28mmx2. top
Controller Temp. control Fuzzy PID control
Temp. display D: 4 digital LED display L: LCD display
timer 0-9999 minutes
sensor Pt100
Safety device Over-temperature alarm: independent limiter (L model)
Specification Inner (WxDxH)/mm 310x310x310 350x350x350 400x360x450 450x450x450 500x450x550 600x500x750 660x760x1200
Exterior (WxDxH)/mm 428x500x723 468x540x763 518x550x863 568x640x863 618x640x963 737x700x1266 900x960x1950
Packing  (WxDxH)/mm 570x570x820 600x600x880 670x620x960 760x720x1060 900x810x1330 1050x1060x880 1050x1060x880
Capacity 30L 45L 65L 85L 125L 230L 625L
Self load-bearing 15 KG
Self number 2 (Standard)
voltage AC220V/3.6A AC220V/5.5A AC220V/7.2A AC220V/8.2A AC220V/10.5A AC220V/13.6A AC220V/7.6A
N.W/G.W (kg) 33/37 37/43 44/49 50/56 60/66 84/100 113/137
Operational configuration Self: RS485(L model): USB(L model): Printer(L model) SMS alarm(L model)