Pellet durability tester, ST136


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Product details

Pellet durability Index feed durability Index

ST136 pellet durability Index tester (pellet particle pulverization rate tester) is a special instrument for testing PDI value of pellet feed.

The pellet produced by the pellet factory must have enough durability to withstand the impact of the transportation process, reduce the fine powder, and meet the customer’s appearance requirements for the pellet feed.

Pellet durability Index tester is one of the most important indicators to reflect the quality of pellet feed. It is used to measure the relative ability of pellet crushing resistance in the process of conveying and handling of pellet products

The higher the PDI value, the stronger the crushing resistance, the better the particle quality and the higher the pellet utilization.

Main technical parameter

Number of rotating boxes 2
Rotation speed 50 rpm
Number of turns 500 revolutions / time
Usage time 10 minutes
Time adjustment range 0-10000s
Power distribution 180W 1450r / min
Sample quantity per box 500g
Outer package size 520x400x470mm

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