Portable pressure steam sterilizer, DSX-18L


#Portable pressure steam sterilizer, DSX-18L

Intelligent Microcomputer Control System:

Using LED digital control system, After sterilization finished, sterilizer will automatic alarm and shutdown.

Interlock device:

The control system can real time supervision the sterilizer chamber’s temperature and pressure can open the sterilizer chamber’s temperature and pressure. Only under the safety temperature and pressure can open the sterilizer’s cover. Make sure the operator’s safety.

The Structure of cover’s opening:

Using shift place type of quick-open cover to improve seating and safety performance.

Preset Program:

Can preset fixed program so convenient next operation

Digital Display Screen:

Digital displays screen and working indicator light display running states.

Safety Devices:

Interlock device over temperature and over pressure protecting system burned protection safety relief value, current leakage protector, and automatic detection.

Technical Parameter

Parameter/Model DSX-18L (Old model DSX-280)
Configuration Automatic Control
Volume/ GW 18L/12KG
Voltage/Power 220V/2Kw
Packing Size (L X W X H mm) 405 x 405 x  615
Sterilization chamber volume (D X H mm) 280 x 395
Time setting range 0-999 min
Related Working pressure 0.142Mpa
Sterilization Temperature setting range 50~126C