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Digital LCD preform eccentricity tester

Product Details:
Pre form Holder Diameter As per requirement
Range 0 – 10 mm
Least count 0.001 mm
Dimensions 310 x 100 x 275 mm
Display Type Digital
Supply AC
Brand Prestro
Display LCD (Digital)

Perform Eccentricity Tester is a consistent tool that helps the manufacturer in testing the eccentricity of PET preforms. It is based on the principle that how a preform deviates from being circular.

  • Easy and accurate operations
  • Comes with Zero Tolerance
  • Revolving type equipment
  • Repeatability in test measurements of preforms with Preform Eccentricity Tester, PET Preform Eccentricity is checked as the shape, size, and quality of the product on its eccentricity.

** Various size Preform Holder Diameter options available on requirement.(Single holder part of supply)