Single head gluten meter, ST007A P


Product details

Gluten meter, composed of main processor, ST007A single-head gluten meter  ST008 gluten index analyzer, and ST009 dryer three independent instruments, is used to determine the wet /dry gluten content in flour, gluten quality (gluten index) and gluten water holding rate. Especially suitable for customers with a versatile of samples.

Working theory: 10g flour or wheat flour, added with 5ml brine, mix into dough in a cup with sifter for 20 seconds. Then wash it in brine for 5 min, and thus get gluten. With the centrifugal force, you can calculate the wet gluten content and gluten index by means of SB/T 10248-95. Tech parameter:

ST008 gluten index

Agitator speed: 120±2r/min

Centrifugal speed: 6000±5r/min

Centrifugal working time: 1 min

Gluten content: the difference should be no more than 1.0% between two analyzing results Gluten index: between index 70—100, the difference between two analyze should be no more than 11 units; below index 70, the difference between two analyze should be no more than 15 units

Power supply: AC220V±5% 50Hz Dimensions:

Main usage:400×300×240mm

Weight: 16kg

ST009Gluten drying Meter

Optimum working temperature: 100-180°C

Relative humidity: <90%

Power rating: 650W

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