Formic Acid


Formic acid

Brand: Duksan

Formula: HCOOH

Origin: Korea

Biological Microscope

Viewing head Binocular measuring single tube 30 ° angle 360° Rotation
Interpupillary Distance 55mm -75mm
Eyepiece WF10 X (18mm)
Objective Achromate objective:
Achromate 4X/0.10
Achromate 10X/0.25
Achromate 40X/0.65
Achromate 100X/1.25
Stage Double layers mechanical stage
Stage size: 120mm × 126mm
Moving range: 70mm × 30mm
Condenser N.A1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm and filter
Focusing Coaxial coarse & fine focusing adjustment with rack and pinion mechanism Fine focusing scale Value 0.002mm, Focusing Range 30mm
Illumination Halogen bulb 6V/20W,AC 220V/110V





CCD Adapter

Compensation Free Binocular & Trinocular Head(48mm-75mm)

LED illumination


Autoclave -DAC Series, Programmable

$370,000.00 – $490,000.00


  • Vertical loading maximizes usable chamber space
  • Casters and flexible plumbing make sterilizers completely mobile

Our compact portable digital autoclave are ideal for laboratories that share equipment.

Designed with rolling casters for excellent mobility and easy storage – just push into a storage room

when not in use to make room in your lab.

Top mounted stainless steel door also saves space in your lab and provide easy loading

The digital autoclave feature fully automated operation.

Simply place your load in the pressure chamber and enter all parameters with the easy-to-use keypad.

The LCD display shows set and actual temperature as well as set time remaining.


Model DAC-45 DAC-60 DAC-80 DAC-100
Capacity 45Iiter 60 liter 80 liter 100 liter
Chamber size (DxL) 300x 630mm 350 x 630mm 400x 650mm 450 x 650mm
Temp. range 105 -125’C +O.5’C  Sterilizing: 121 ·c
Timer Digital 99hr/59min
Material Interior Stainless steel
Exterior Steel plate with powder coating
Basket Stainless steel, full length x 1 and half -length x 1
Control & Display Microprocessor PID controller & digital LED display
Operation Pressure 1.15 bar (Gauge : 0 – 3 Kg/cm2)
Safety Device Pressure safety valve, Over current protector, Over temp. limiter, Low water level switch
Power source 220VAC, 5O/60Hz
Overall (WxDxH) 530x700x950 mm 530x750x950 mm 750x600x950 mm 850x650x980 mm
Weight (Kg) 75 100 110 120


Programmable control


Electric Relay, Magnetic Contactor, Circuit Breaker,Timer


Electric Relay, Magnetic Contactor, Circuit Breaker,Timer

DMC-180B 2a2b Dong-A Magnetic contactor

DMC-180B 2a2b Dong-A Magnetic contactor


DMC-180 2a2b Dong-A Magnetic contactor
AC 3/220V-180A
AC 3/440V-180A
AC 1=lth-230A
Coil Volt-220V/440V