pH meter _Pen type, PH-222


#pH meter _Pen type, PH-222

#Lutron PH-222 pH Meter Pen Type

#Lutron PH-222 Pen pH Meter with auto calibration

Product Review

  • 0 to 14.00 pH.
  • ATC (auto temperature compensation).
  • Auto calibration for pH 4, pH 7 or pH 10.
  • Meter with pH electrode, all in one.
  • IP-67, water proof.
  • Easy replacement for the pH electrode.
  • Pen type, easy carry out.
  • Data logger.
  • pH 4, pH 7 standard solution are included.
  • DC 1.5V battery ( UM-4, AA ) x 4, long life.


  • Pen type digital pH meter, all in one, pH electrode is included, easy for general purpose application.
  • Build in temperature sensor for auto temperature compensation ( ATC ).
  • pH 4, pH 7 standard solution are standard accessories.
  • Easy to change the pH electrode.
  • IP67, water proof and protection.
  • Auto calibration for pH 4, pH 7 or pH 10.
  • High input impedance.
  • LCD with two displays.
  • Data hold function for freezing the desired value.
  • Auto power off.
  • Records max. and min. value with recall.
  • Microcomputer circuit, intelligent function, high accuracy.
  • Compact size, light weight.
  • Power supply by DC 1.5 V battery ( UM4/AAA ) x 4 PCs,
  • Available for wide applications, such as aquarium, beverage, fish hatcheries, food processing, photography, laboratory, quality control, school & colleges, swimming pools, water conditions.

pH Meter, PH-201-Lutron


pH meter, pocket size

Model: PH-201

Brand: Lutron

Origin: Taiwan


Water conditioning, aquariums, beverage, fish hatcheries, food processing, photography, laboratory, paper industry, school and colleges, plating industry, quality control, swimming pools
Supplied without PH electrode

Display: 13 mm LCD, 3 1/2 digits
Measurement: PH
Range/resolution: 0 to 14 pH x 0.01 pH
Accuracy: ± 0.1 pH (pH 4 – pH 10)
Input impedance: 10-12 ohms
PH range temp. Compensation: no adjust.
Sampling time: approx. 0.4 second
Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
Operating humidity: less than 80% RH
Calibration knob: external PH 4 (slope adj.) & PH 7 (cal.adj)
Power supply: 006P DC 9V battery
Power consumption: approx. 2.0 mA
Dimension: 131 x 70 x 25 mm
Weight: 153 gr. (including battery)

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Digital tachometer, DT-2238


In order to meet the various requirements of the clients, we are actively engaged in offering our clients a wide range of Digital Tachometer (DT-2238).

These products are designed using modern machinery by the expert professionals keeping in mind the evolving trends of the industry at our vendors’’ end.

In addition to this, we make use of best quality raw material, procured from the most esteemed vendors of the industry in the designing process.


Digital Anemometer, LM-81AM


Lutron LM-81AM Digital Anemometer

Lutron LM-81AM Digital Handheld Wind Speed Anemometer This professional digital wind speed anemometer is being housed in a small case-ideal for single hand operation. The low friction vane design provides high accuracy at high and low velocity.

Wristlet design provides extra protection to the instrument especially for single handed use.
A built in microprocessor circuit assures excellent performance and accuracy.
Concise and compacy buttons arrangement, easy operation.
Maximum and Minimum memory recall
water velocity 5 units-Selectable
Hold function
Manufacturers calibration certificate included
Battery Included


Lutron LM-81AM Digital Anemometer
Range water Velocity (m/s) 0.4 to 18.6 m/s to < ==”” 20m/s=”” :=”” 3%=”” f.s=””> 20 m/s: +/-4% f. S
Air Velocity Range (km/h) 1.4 to 108.0 km/h< / = 20m/s : 3% F. ==”” 20m/s=”” :=”” 3%=””>


Lux meter, Lx-100


#Lux Meter, LX-100

#Lutron LX-100 Light Meter

#Lutron LX-100 Lux Meter

Model: LX-100
Brand: Lutron
Origin: Taiwan

Specifications for Lutron LX-100 Light Meter

Range: 0 to 20,000 Lux, 2 ranges

Accuracy: ± (5% + 4 d)

Resolution: 1 Lux (0 to 1,999 Lux), 10 Lux (2,000 to 19,990 Lux)

Sensor: The exclusive photo diode & color correction filter, spectrum meet

Probe dimensions: 82 x 55 x 7 mm

Power requirement: Battery DC 9V

Dimensions: 131 x 70 x 25 mm

Weight: 195 g

Measuring range : 0-50000lux; Accuracy (5% + 2d)
Automatic zero zero adjustment
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 50 (30-122 )
Operating Humidity 80% RH

Brightness sensor separation , allowing the user to take the appropriate position measurement
Precise , easy reading display , wide range
High-precision measurement
Built-in low battery indicator
Application LSI (LSI), to improve the reliability and durability
Small and compact , light weight, easy to operate
LCD display, clear reading

LX-100: 2,000 Lux, 20,000 Lux

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