Vacuum drying oven _VO series


#Vacuum drying oven _VO series #VO-24D #VO-52D #VO-91D


VO series vacuum drying oven is specially designed for drying heat sensitive, easy decomposition and easy oxidation substances. When working, it can maintain a certain vacuum in the working room, and can be filled with inert gas, so that some complicated articles can also be dried quickly


  1. High quality material:

Adopt thickened steel inner chamber, ensures that the instrument dose not deform in long-term use under different vacuum degrees.

  1. Special designed structure:

The door is designed with double layer, inside layer fixed by springs, to offer better leakproofness.

  1. Convenient temperature control:

PID control temperature with digital display, heating self adopt good quality aluminum allay, with good thermal conductivity.

  1. Heating isolated casting and door:

The oven sides, top and door are all filled with heat-insulating material (not including glass), to ensure the operators are not scalded.


Model VO-24D VO-52D VO-91D
Heating type Four side heating
Performance Temp. rang RT+10~250°C
Vacuum degree range ˂133PA
Temp. resolution 0.1°C
Temp. fluctuation ±1°C
Warming up time 80 minutes 100 minutes 120 minutes
Structure Chamber material Stainless steel
Thermal insulation material Aluminum silicate fiber
Observation window Bulletproof toughened glass
heater Stainless steel
Rated power 0.8KW 0.4KW 0.6KW
Air outlet Inner diameter 28mmx1. top
Controller Temp. control Fuzzy PID control
Vacuum degree  display Vacuum meter
timer 0-9999 minutes
Sensor Pt100
Safety device Over-temperature alarm
Safety device Over-temperature alarm: independent limiter (L model)
Specification Working size (WxDxH)/mm 310x310x270






Exterior (WxDxH)/mm 480x480x606 560x540x680 640x590x780
Packing  (WxDxH)/mm 600x570x759 724x640x834 759x720x939
Capacity 24L 52L 91L
Specification Self load-bearing 15 KG
Layer of Self 2 layers
Height between shelves 100mm 140mm 185mm
Air inlet/air outlet Φ14mm
Power source AC220V/3.6A

50/60 Hz


50/60 Hz


50/60 Hz

N.W/G.W (kg) 42/52kg 67/92Kg 82/105Kg
Operational device Self, vacuum pump