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Larger color VGA display wall thickness gauge testing instrument

Product Details:
Minimum Thickness Measurement 0.001mm
Incorporated with Lithium-Ion battery
Resolution 0.1mm(0.01 in.), 0.01 mm(0.001 in.), 0.001mm(0.0001 in.) (depending on thickness range)
Standard Max Thickness 9.14 mm
Min Thickness range 0.001mm (0.0001 in.)
Display update rate 4,8,16 and 20Hz
Power AC mains, 200-240V/100V-120V


Presto manufactures Wall Thickness Gauge Testing instrument. It is a well-designed construction used in different production vertical to test the thickness of various ferrous and non-ferrous materials without deforming their actual shape and size. The testing device offers precise results in digital format. It works on Hall’s Effect Technology working principle that supports magnetic testing procedure for repeatable testing on a single sample. The instrument is used in a large number of applications such as PET containers, aluminum cans, glass containers, HDPE containers, paper glass and much more.


  • Digital Display readout
  • RS-232 Communication Modes
  • Works on Hall Effect sensor
  • Alphanumeric data logger
  • Repeated test measurements are possible
  • Programmable device lock with password
  • Larger Color VGA display
Additional Information: Magnamike-8600