Waterbath incubator shaker _ Eie-405

Waterbath incubator shaker _ Eie-405


#Waterbath incubator shaker (Shaking waterbath) (EIE-405)


  • Used for shaking of flasks in indirect water controlled environment
  • Applications ranging from Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, General Laboratory  o textile industries, etc.

Salient Features

  • Unique design
  • Aesthetic exterior appearance
  • Ease of Maintenance and easy to operate
  • Double walled chamber design
  • Improved version of waterbath incubator shaker
  • Can operate in both- Air and Water Media
  • Specially designed heaters that can operate in both Air & Water Media
  • No leakage of water or no replacement of shaking tray
  • The bath is ARGON WELDED to ensure lifetime leakage free performance. (No soldering )
  • Fitted with specially designed dome type Stainless Steel hinged lid
  • Bath Panel consists of 2 pilot LED lamps & on/off switch and a digital RPM Indicator.
  • The chamber has an oscillating tray,  riding on ball rollers and drive motor with variable  speed control.

Technical Specifications

  • Construction: Double walled
  • Inner chamber: Polished stainless steel material S.S. – 304 grade
  • Exterior body: Fabricated from Mild steel material
  • Paint: Powder coating
  • Insulation: Glass wool insulation to prevent direct thermal heat loss
  • Temperature Range: From 5 °C above ambient to 99 °C
  • Temperature controller: Microprocessor based Auto-Tune PID Digital Temp controller cum indicator
  • Temperature Stability: ± 0.5 °C
  • Temperature accuracy: ± 0.5 °C
  • Heater control: By control switch installed in the control panel
  • Heater Status: Control indication lamp
  • Shaking: Achieved by PMDC Geared Motor
  • Motor RPM: 40-150 RPM
  • Motor speed display: Digital RPM Indicator (Optional)
  • Shaking racks material: Stainless steel material S.S. – 304 Grade
  • Power consumption: 02 KW
  • Operates on: 230 Volts, 50 Hz, Single phase, AC Supply
  • Supplied complete with Top Stainless Steel Pyramidal Lid

Waterbath Incubator Shaker – Selection Guide

Digital/Powder coated
Model No
Chamber capacity Chamber Size
(W x D x H)
To hold capacity
EIE-405DP30 30 Liters 15” x 16” x 8” 09 flasks of 100 ml or 05 flasks of 250 ml
EIE-405DP45 45 Liters 20” x 18” x 8 12 flasks of 100 ml or09 flasks of 250 ml

D : Digital,  P : Powder coating, G : GMP

Note : Custom sizes for accommodation of different capacity flasks are also available.

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