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YM1 Wet wheat grinding machine, Y18



The device consists of two sections, Crushing is right side and has two collection container, Semolina Reduction is left side and has one collection container. The rollers could be set easily desired gap distance. The flour (B1 – B2 – B3, C1 – C2 – C3), coarse and fine bran are received from 6 channels through the 3 breaking rollers and 2 reduction rollers with 160 μ – 800 μ – 160 μ sieves respectively. The rollers are hardened up to 50-55 HRC. The mill provides the determination of the yield of the milling plant as well.

Technical Specifications :

Dimensions (H x D x W): 750 mm x 630 mm x 660 mm
Energy: 220 V 50 – 60 Hz
Net Weight: 145 Kg
Capacity: Minimum 100 g
Extraction Rate: 60 to 65 %