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0407 DC Analog Ammeter, China


Main Standards and Technical Parameters of The Ammeter:

The dial is at an angle of 40 degree to the horizontal face.

Reference Conditions: Ambient temperature 23ºC ± 2ºC;

Relative humidity: 40%∼60%

Measuring Range: (-0.2~0.6A); (-1~0~3A).

Accuracy: Class 2.5

Dimensions: 133mmX97X100mm

Damping Time: ≤ 4S.

Magnetic Screening: Grade – III.

Sensitivity: 75mV

Working Principle and Main Structure of This Ammeter:

DC Ammeter, Model: 0407, is mainly composed of the meter head and the meter shell. There are three terminals in the meter shell (“-“, “0.6A” and “3A” terminal). The meter head is a type of moving-coil instrument. It consists of permanent magnetic steel, pole piece, soft iron core and coil, etc. The coil which can rotate around its central axis is placed in the magnetic field. Two hairsprings are welded on both end of the axle of the coil respectively. On one end the pointer is fitted. The dial and the zero adjuster are fixed on the support.

Use and Operation of DC Ammeter: 

Check and adjust the pointer to zero before using. The meter firstly connects in series with the circuit under test. The “-” terminal is connected with negative electrode. Make an estimate of the current intensity in the circuit beforehand in order to avoid damage to the meter by overloading.

Maintenance and Precautions:

The meter should be avoided bumping or vibrating violently and it should not be dismounted arbitrarily.

Keep the meter clean and protect it from invasion of corrosive gases and influence of strong magnetic field.

The meter should be stored in the ambient temperature 0ºC~40ºC and relative humidity ≤85%, and prevent it from dust, heat, moist.