125mm/12.5cm whatman No.1 filter paper

Whatman No.1 Filter Paper 125mm/12.5cm


Cat No. 1001-125 Qualitative Whatman 12.5cm/125mm Filter Paper

  • Item name: Filter Paper
  • Size: 125mm/12.5cm Diameter
  • Grade No 1 Filter Paper
  • Pack of Paper Quantity 100Pcs
  • Brand: Whatman
  • Origin: England

Covers a Wide Range of Laboratory Applications: Frequently used for clarifying liquids, areas of use include the food industry, agriculture, air pollution monitoring, and gas detection, widely used in education teaching simple qualitative analytical separations, The Best Quality Filter Paper Brand of Whatman 125mm Diameter 100 pcs Pack.

Supplier in BD: Elite Scientific & Meditech Co

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