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Clean bench vertical type FTCBV series


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The high-performance CLEAN BENCH with its advanced features & stylish & user-friendly design

FTCBV series


This is very necessary equipment to provide you with antiseptic work condition. FTCBV model series is very suitable for the place where needs cleanness work like medical science, pharmacy, agriculture, new composition and electrical industry field. It is used for various works that require maintenance of the cleanness and purity like plant tissue culture, examination and, experimentation of precision electronic parts, medical science, pharmacy, agriculture sector and the like. The highly efficient HEPA filter is installed in the FTCBV series and it maintains the optimum cleanness and purity. Being equipped with the Prefilter, it can extend the life of HEPA filter and protect it from pollution. LCD Microprocessor automatically alarms when filter needs to be changed. Built-in velocity controller features outstanding suitability to any circumstance. The solid door is made of high-class tempered glass and this special feature enables end-users to easily monitor inside the work zone with efficient protection function to prevent end-users from ultraviolet rays.


Main Filter HEPA filter (99.97% efficient at 0.3 micron particles)
Prefilter High-efficiency nylon filter
Air Velocity 0.3~0.5 m/sec (9-phase controllable)
Air Flow Meter Analog manometer or hour meter (option)
Illumination Fluorescent lamp 40 W or 20 W
Sterilizing UV lamp 40 W or 20 W
Controller LCD microprocessor (filter change alarm)
Internal Material Steel plate with powder coating
External Material Steel plate with powder coating
Window High temperature safety glass of thickness 5 mm
Door Sliding glass door/Tempered safety glass
Utility Air cock, Gas cock, Electric outlets (AC 220 V x 1 EA & 110 V x 1 EA)
Supply Voltage & Frequency AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Supplier Elite Scientific & Meditech Co
Web address Elitetradebd.com
E-mail elitetradebd@gmail.com


Type Vertical type Vertical type Vertical type
Internal Dimension (L x D x H)  1,000 x 580 x 680 1,200 x 580 x 680 1,500 x 580 x 680
External Dimension (L x D x H)  1,100 x 820 x 1,890 1,300 x 820 x 1,890 1.600 x 820 x 1,890


MODEL: FTSP-35 portable type

Motor: Oil-less piston vacuum pump

On/Off s/w: Toggle/Foot type

Flow Rate: 35 Liter/min

Power: Ac 220 V, 60 Hz, 150 W