CO2 and O2 incubator COI series



  • This compact C02&02 incubator is ideal for cell,tissue and plant culture when space is limited in the lab.
  • Programmable PID controller has LCD displays for temp. humidity,C02 & 02 monitored by sensors


Model COI-130A COI-130W
Capacity 130 liter I 445WX470Bx620H(mm)
Range 02 2 to 20%±0.1%1 infrared sensor
CO2 o to 20%±0.1% I non dispersive infrared
Temp. Range Amb. +5 to + 60°C
Humidity Range Up to 96% RH
Jacket Type Air. 60 Liter Water 65 liter
Door Door heater, magnetic closure
Shelves Stainless steel x 3. Adjustable
Control & Display PI microprocessor digital LED display
Utility Blow drain. sample pot, access hole
Material Stainless steel +Powder coated steel plate
Safety Device Over temp. limiter,Gas & W/J monitor
Power Source 220VAC.50/60Hz
Overall (WxDxH) 582x580x1015mm
Weight (Kg) 125

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